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Implementing Agency

Gadag Handloom Cluster
1, Tank Road, Priyadarshini Commercial
Complex, Halasoor, Bangalore - 560 042


About Cluster :

Gadag Cluster is a famous cotton trading centre for Jayadhar variety of cotton. It has also occupied a significant place in the Handloom industry of Karnataka. There are about 3600 active working handlooms in the cluster. Around 10000 people are depending in this industry for their livelihood.The cluster is also very much popular for its traditional prosuct called "Gaadi Dhadi" saris .

History of the Gadag Cluster shows the rise and fall of its products .Even the products manufactured have been changed from ordinary cotton saris to mercerized cotton saris and high quality of silk saris. Today more than 50% of the production is only of the cotton saris. Though the profit margin is meager in cotton saris but enjoys better demand compared to silk saris .These "Gaadi dhadi" traditional saris are largely worn by women of north Karnataka and some parts of Masharastra.These people prefer this saris for almost all their cultural and traditional functions because of its combination of harmonious colors ,quality and richness.