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Implementing Agency

Kurinjipadi Handloom Cluster
Tamilnadu Handloom Weavers Coop. Society Ltd.
Tamil Nadu

About Cluster :

Tamilnadu one of the four Southern States of India has a unique name for its traditional handloom weaving. Handloom sector plays a vital role for the economic development of Tamilnadu. Moreover, it preserves the nation's rich culture and heritage. Weavers started forming co-operative societies which eventually enabled them to have better bargaining power. However, there are some weavers who do not have affiliation to any society and work for master weavers / exporters.

According to the earliest records available, the year 1950 was the stage in which locally available non-chemical minerals were used for dyeing as well as bleaching using indigenous method at Kurinjipadi. The procurement on those days included produced including Koorai saree, Kundanji Dhothy, Chittai towel and Kambi towels. Between 1950 - 1960 people used wearing only 20s dhothy and towel and hence these two varieties were the fast moving items and produced mainly at Kurinjipadi.