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Implementing Agency

National Institute of Micro Small And Medium Enterprises
(An Organisation of Ministry of SSI, Govt of India)
Yousufguda, Hyderabad - 500 045

About Cluster :

During 17th Century (475 Years Back) King Syed Sha Mubarak Kada Maanakpuri (Illahabadi) under the sultanate of emperor Humayun, has laid the foundation for Mubarakpur.

Earlier the town was called as Kasimabad, which was frequently invaded by kings of neighboring areas and also severely affected by frequent floods from River Tamsa. But King Mubaraksha has stopped the invasions and developed the area.

Though there is no exact historical data on how Handloom weaving has been started in the Mubarakpur area, but during 14th century, cotton weaving has been started in the area (As per ancient Vedic and Buddha Literature). But it came to know from Old Government Gazettes that Raja Mubaraksha's Entourage is having lot of families who are by profession weavers and they have started weaving Saris and other dress material during 17th Century.

The famous writer Magarbi Syeh Ibne Batuta (of late 17th Century) has written that very high quality dresses which are made in Mubarakpur have been sent to Delhi and from there they are exported to various countries.

During Sultan Muhammad Bin Tughlak's Era (19th Century) there are 4000 weavers in Mubarakpur, who used to weave Silk Saris. During his regime the Mubarakpur has become very popular and the people from neighboring areas like Amilo, Nevada, Saraiyya, Rasulpur Sikri, Mustafabad have also took up weaving as profession.

With the changing times, the products of Mubarakpur have also changed from Sangi, Galta, Jamdani, and Roycotton made products.

But in 1960's there is a great change in the area as the graph of making Silk Saris has soared to greater heights, which have received national and international fame with the active involvement of officials and traders of Banaras.

Early 90s saw the invasion of power-looms in the adjoining regions like Mau, which is gradually reducing the handloom sector in the region.

Today Mubarakpur, is known for its Saree and the dress material