How to choose the burglar alarm for the house. All the advice of Venitem to avoid bad surprises after installation.

Are you thinking of installing a burglar alarm for the house but you don’t know which one to choose?

The solutions on the market are endless and for this reason it is important to follow some tricks to avoid bad surprises. If, therefore, you still don’t have clear ideas on how to proceed, this short guide to a safe purchase is the right one for you. – here you can also get some tax-paying forms.

Are you ready? Let’s get started…

The rule n.1 to choose the alarm system. Consult a professional.
It may seem obvious, but in the crucial stages of choosing an anti-theft system, it is essential to consult a professional: your security is at stake!
The first thing to do, therefore, is to select qualified installers, able to assess your needs and propose the most suitable solutions, taking into account the type and degree of risk.

Pay attention to the price!

Even if it is possible to find low cost solutions on the market, it is always better not to bet on savings. Beware of products that are too cheap and keep in mind that, in most cases, the price is the most reliable discriminating factor for guaranteed quality. So remember that in order to get an alarm system to perfection you need to spend money, finding the professional and the security solution that best suits your needs.

Certified system components

Once the right professional has been chosen, it is necessary to make sure that the components of the system are certified and comply with the reference standards for burglar alarm systems. A system that is not up to standard and of poor quality may in fact cease to perform its protective function, to the detriment of home security. Only a correct design and installation can guarantee the effectiveness of an alarm system. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to demand the issue of the Declaration of Conformity of correct execution, as a guarantee of the use of equipment certified and in compliance with CEI standards and it is necessary to pay great attention to the choice of the right components of the system. In particular, an anti-theft system consists at least of the central unit, the sensors and the siren. Below are the characteristics that these devices should have in order for the alarm system to work with maximum performance.

How to choose the components of an anti-theft system: the central alarm system

The alarm control panel must give the user the possibility to partialize the system and to customize the insertion/deactivation of zones in order to meet all security requirements.

Usually the control panels work in combination with keypads and radio controls for the activation and deactivation of the system. Venitem has numerous solutions adaptable to all types of installation, such as the central unit with V8-20 keyboard and Vela radio controls, which offer both maximum functionality and a unique design able to enrich all environments.

How to choose the components of a burglar alarm system: the alarm siren

The siren (outdoor or indoor) is a fundamental component, aimed at acoustic and/or optical signaling of any danger. Representing the heart of the entire alarm system, it is the device most subject to tampering attempts. For this reason, it is important to use sirens with certain characteristics and technologies, including: tamper tamper that prevents the lid from opening and tearing from the wall, anti-foam and anti-shock system, anti-drilling membrane and, finally, tropicalized circuits, to ensure reliability and high performance even in the presence of bad weather.

These devices and technical upgrades have always distinguished the entire range of Venitem sirens, such as Mose and Ducale – which also have the voice function, to record customized messages, increasing even more the discriminating effect of the device.

How to choose the components of an anti-theft system: the indoor sensors

As far as indoor sensors are concerned, on the other hand, it is important to use dual technology (microwave combined with passive infrared) to detect in an optimal way, without the risk of false alarms, the presence of a hot and/or moving body. These devices, despite their small size, are equipped with a series of high-performance features and functions including anti-masking, capable of detecting the presence of a metal screen in front of the sensor, anti-blinding, which avoids sabotage of the device through the use of spray on the lens and the “security” function, capable of detecting and knowing the human presence even if “hidden” by a technical screen (such as cardboard or wetsuit).

How to choose the components of an anti-theft system: outdoor sensors

These devices are essential in a state-of-the-art burglar alarm system as they help to detect a presence before an intrusion has occurred, thus triggering a pre-alarm system. To allow installation even in unprotected locations and ensure perfect operation despite the weather, the best choice is waterproof sensors, such as our Faro IP Plus presence detector.

How to choose the components of a burglar alarm system: the contacts

Have you thought about how to detect the opening of doors, windows and openings?

If you want your system to handle this need, you will need a system of contacts connected to the control unit.

These are highly functional devices that, if used in the right way in combination with volumetric sensors, allow partial day/night or total insertion, thus creating ad hoc solutions for your own rhythms and environments. For the night hours it is also possible to activate only the opening contacts, deactivating the volumetric ones.

In conclusion…

As we have seen, choosing the right burglar alarm for your home is not as trivial as it may seem and it is essential to take into account many aspects.

Contact us and our installers will help you find the solution that best suits your needs!