Tech Gifts for Christmas 2019: ideas for your gifts

We are back with the usual posts about Christmas gifts. This year there have been big news in the tech world, especially at the hardware level. Many steps forward were made instead, with regard to the software and artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has come more and more into our homes: we have already presented Echo and the Google Home.

For Christmas we want a little change, and take a trip into the retro and playful. Hope you like it!

1. Apple AirPod

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With the earphones AirPods controls music and video, adjust the volume and answer calls, all wirelessly. When you extract it from the charging case, turn on instantly by connecting to your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac; the audio is activated as soon as wear them and pauses when you remove them. They do everything, automatically. If you want to adjust the volume, change the song, call or maybe ask for directions, just double-tap to activate Siri.

Price: around 180 euros.

2. C64 Mini Console

C64 Mini Console. A dip in the past, a console that recalls the magnificent original Commodore with 64 Kb of RAM and color graphics. A simple link HDMI or USB, just a few minutes and it plunges back into in the old games (64 those pre-installed in English language) as rana rama or tecnodroid or the famous pacman. Ideal for the nostalgic or those who want to show their children how to “shooting” the world once.

Price: about 80 euro.

3. Logitech Spotlight, remote control for presentations

Logitech Spotlight Remote control for Presentations, Highlighting Digital with Bluetooth, Compatible with Universal, Capacity 30 m, and Fast-Charging, Gold

This remote provides everything that we ask for to a remote control, pointer, one of the ones that we do during the lessons or lectures, we walk and we walk up and down. Highlighting the digital with Bluetooth, universal compatibility, flow rate of 30 m and fast charging. Useful not only during the lectures or presentations at work, but also for those who teach. Time management: it manages your timing from the first to the last slide; sets stages-timed within the app and receive alerts via vibration directly on the hand.

Price: about eur 95.

4. LED Table lamp

Desk lamp is perfect if you work late or in the evening from home. 14W, 5-level Dimmable, 4 mode Control Panel that is Sensitive, Port Charging USB cable for iPhone, iPad, Smartphone, Android Tablet.

Price: around € 37.

5. Subscription to International

Results images for Subscription to International

With theannual subscription to the INTERNATIONAL, you’ll receive the magazine both in digital and paper form. Current affairs, culture, science, economics: weekly INTERNATIONAL publish articles the most salient that appeared in the foreign press, translated into Italian and illustrated by spectacular colour images. An alternative to the subscription of one of their t-shirts really super original, like that of Olimpia Zagnoli.

Price: from 65 to 99 euro.

6. Lego Creator

Lego Creator Skate House Modular, 31081

There are sets that are really beautiful in the series, Lego Creator, some admittedly for adult collectors. This is pretty and has an affordable price: Lego Creator Skate House Modular, 31081

Price: about € 35.

7. Speaker aromas unicorn

Speaker Bright The Unicorn

Let’s face it, in addition to being tender and puccy this Diffuser Bright Unicorn is the accessory that we need. Looks like a little Unicorn, Elodie, is bright, and most importantly: you will have a system of vaporization of the essential oils that profumerà your room.

Price: around 40 euro.

8. TP-Link Socket Wi-fi HS100, Smart Plug

TP-Link Socket Wi-fi HS100, Smart Plug Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, Control of Devices Anywhere By Kasa App

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, Home Smart Plug lets you turn on and turn off the appliances from anywhere via the app Kasa to terminals iOS and Android. Mode Away (Outside the Home) allows the switching on and off of the devices connected to times pianificatiControllo the remote equipment connected, scheduling, and timer

Price: about 30 euro.

9. Lights for Bottles PREUP ()

The lights from the bottle

Lights chain, LED copper wire string for decoration of the bottle. Low-cost, maximum yield.

Price: about 13 euro.

10. Light box

RTjoy turn on your film life of the lamp with 90 letters, numbers and symbols

It takes little to make Instagram mobile your shelf, or a shelf. This lightbox is composed of 90 letters and symbols in the form of tiles to be inserted among the ribs of the box. Useful to customize it to create messages for any occasion: birthday, anniversary, wedding, special event, quotes.

Price: about 15 euro.

11. Hand warmer USB

You have often cold hands when you’re sitting at the computer to work? Instead of wearing those without fingers, you can use this hand warmer is almost unrecognizable.

Price: about 22 euro.

12. LED Ring illuminator

In an era of profile pictureselfie , and beauty tutorials, what better gift? This light ensures that the photography can get the best illumination possible. The intensity dimmable varies widely between 1% and 100% in order to meet the different light sources. It is ideal for portraits, fashion, weddings, advertising, and video recordings etc…

Price: about 80 euro.

13. Cup heat sensitive Space Invaders

Cup Space Invaders. Not a normal cup of milk, but something that you soul not just pour a hot drink. Try, with both children and adults.